Ecole Maître Crêpier, Pizzaïolo et Cuisinier

melina Pizza fraicheur vegetarienne tomate confite et fenouil />  melina

Gourmands Pizza Saturday


Relevant Public: Private persons willing to initiate themselves to the cooking of tasty pizzas in a familial framework

Length: 1 Day (from 9am to 3pm)

Cost of the Day: 90,00 € (lunch included)

8 rue Jules Maillard de la Gournerie CS 63919 
35039 RENNES Cédex

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Downloadable Files

Presentation and Calendar


Elaboration of a pizza dough from a pre-made blend

Elaboration and realisation of a pizza dough from T55 flour

Elaboration of a professional pastry

Preparation of sugary and salty toppings

Preparation of a 'concassé' tomato

Handmade and rolling-pin spreading

Schedule of the Day

9 h 00 : Welcoming reception and presentation of the Ecole Maître Crêpier

9 h 30 - 12 h 30 : Elaboration of pizza doughs. Preparation of toppings. Realisation of a tomato 'concassé' Cooking

12 h 30 - 13 h 30 : Tasting

13 h 30 - 15 h 00 : Realization of salty topped pizzas. Realisation of desert pizza (with banana and coconuts)