Ecole Maître Crêpier, Pizzaïolo et Cuisinier

Programme Les Ateliers des Matres Crpiers 2019

L'EMC² : acteur de la formation culinaire depuis 20 ans

Née d’une demande des professionnels de la Crêperie courant 1988, l’école ouvre ses portes en septembre 1989. Elle accueille aujourd'hui plus de 300 stagiaires par an, venus du monde entier...

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Enrollment FAQ

How do I sign up for a course?

Check out the contact page to ask us about the latest information on course dates, availability, and prices.

Where is the school? How do I get there?

The Ecole Maître Crêpier is located in Rennes, Brittany, just two hours from Paris by train from Paris-Montparnasse station. The school can be reached by metro (Kennedy stop) or by bus (14 and 53 lines) from the train station. There are also regular flights to Rennes, from Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris and from certain major European airports (London, Amsterdam). Nantes International Airport is just 70 miles (110 km) away as well.


Where can I stay?

There are several extended-stay hotels within walking distance of the school and many other online accommodation options in and around Rennes through Air BnB, Booking.com, Hotels.com, etc. The school has also built up a large network of private rentals in nearby homes and can help participants arrange accommodations through them as well.

Do I need to bring any special equipment?

All cooking equipment and utensils are provided by the school during the classes. You will need to wear/bring comfortable, non-slip shoes and an apron or chef’s jacket. A lock for a locker lock where you can store personal items is also recommended.

Ecole Maître Crêpier : The Leading Crêpe-Making School in France

Love crêpes? Learn to make them at the Ecole Maitre Crêpier!

Located in the heart of Brittany (the French region where crêpes come from), the Ecole Maître Crêpier (EMC) is the top crêpe-making school in France. For over 30 years, EMC has trained cooking enthusiasts and accomplished chefs in the art of making crêpes—the thin, sweet pancakes that are a French dessert and snack favorite—and galettes, buckwheat crêpes that are filled with savory items and served as a main course.

Both crêpes and galettes offer endless possibilities, from classic dishes to modern innovations, and all are covered in the EMC curriculum.

EMC at a Glance

Crêpe-making courses at EMC range from one-day introductory classes to two-week comprehensive training courses which are geared to food professionals but open to all cooks regardless of skill level. Class size is limited to 12 participants for a full-immersion, hands-on experience and optimal one-on-one interaction with instructors.

All courses are taught by experienced chef-instructors in the EMC’s state-of-the art teaching kitchens at the Centre Culinaire Contemporain in Rennes, France.

The Ecole Maître Crêpier professional crêpier course introduce to all the technics surrounding the art of making crêpes and galettes for professional culinary applications

Master Crêpe-Making Techniques 

Anybody can swirl some batter in a skillet to make a crêpe. But mastering the art of crêpe-making requires expert instruction, specialized equipment, and plenty of practice.

At EMC, participants learn to prepare crêpes on a bilig, the large, round cast-iron griddle that is standard in professional crêperies. Chef-instructors demonstrate methods and help troubleshoot participants’ technique so that the spreading-swirling required to make perfect crêpes and galettes becomes more fluid and natural. Filling, folding, plating, and garnishing crêpes and galettes round out the instruction.

Participants also learn about how to choose and source flours and ingredients for batters and fillings, how to determine costs and pricing for crêpe-making businesses, and how to implement best practices in any food professional setting.

Crêpes and Careers

Planning to open a food truck or crêperie? Always dreamed of taking a full-immersion cooking course from a top culinary institute in France? Thinking of expanding your chef skills? At EMC, we take great pride in the new careers and business ventures our courses have led to. Our network of former students stretches around the globe, and the instructors and staff genuinely enjoy helping participants realize their crêpe-making dreams

During the Crêpier course, many different recipes are made. From the most classic to the more original ones

EMC Courses

Professional Crêpe-Making Course

(1 to 2-week course)

Designed for current and future food professionals but open to all participants regardless of skill level, the EMC’s professional crêpe-making course is THE industry reference for learning how to make crêpes and galettes. The first week of the course is devoted to learning the foundations of crêpe-making. The second week is spent preparing crêpes and galettes in the school’s teaching restaurant for hands-on experience serving real customers.

Introduction to Crêpes and Galettes

1 Day (9 am to 5 PM)

In this recreational cooking class, participants are taught the basic skills for making crêpes and galettes, from seasoning the traditional round cast-iron griddle (bilig) to making full batches of both crêpes and galettes along with a variety of fillings and garnishes. Participants make and enjoy their own crêpes and galettes for lunch, then spend the afternoon getting the hang of the crêpe making techniques they’ve just learned—and everyone goes home with stacks of sweet crêpes and savory galettes to reheat and enjoy!

Custom Courses for Individuals and Groups

EMC can work with you, your school, or your organization to develop a course that’s tailored to your needs and timeframe. Contact us directly for more details.

Watch the Video

Go behind-the scenes at EMC with Cécilia as she completes the Professional Crêpe-Making Course

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